And in the beginning, there was the first blog post….

A long time ago, I had a personal blog that I maintained over several years. This was way back when blogging was first a thing — something only the techy nerds did. I always enjoyed the experience of writing, of putting thoughts to paper and then having the opportunity to interact with other people who were able to connect to me through those thoughts. But over time, other things in my life started to pull my focus. I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say anymore. I lost that connection, and in doing so I lost the blog.

So, why am I back now? Because I feel like I have something that I want to talk about. And that something is my genealogical research.

I started getting interested in my family’s history close to 10 years ago. When I was growing up life was pretty centered on my immediate family unit — father, mother, and sister. Both my parents come from fairly large families, but we moved frequently and never seemed to live close enough to anyone to maintain a connection. I think I started looking into our family history as a way of manufacturing that connection. And what I found was amazing.

It’s one thing to know that I’m Canadian. After a while, I began to realize what that truly meant in terms of my roots in this country. I’m still Canadian, but now I’m also French-Canadian. I’m Irish and Scottish with just a splash of Brit. I’m a descendant of some of the original immigrants to North America, through the Acadians and the Filles du Roi, and the British Home Children and the American Revolutionary soldiers. And it’s true that if you sit down and map out the genealogy of almost anyone in Canada you’ll find these same connections. I’m hardly alone in my lineage (7 million plus Acadians can speak to that!). But there’s still something fascinating to me in knowing that at various points in history, my ancestors contributed in some way to what’s around me. There’s something comforting in knowing that I have stood on the same piece of land that my 6th great-grandfather stood on 400 years ago, looking at the same sky and the same ocean and probably feeling the same sense of awe and contentment. And that if you go far enough back, my ancestors and your ancestors will start to meet up. We’re all in this together, and nothing paints the picture of that more than a family tree.

I’m going to use this site to document and share some of the interesting things that I find about my heritage. For a lot of people who stumble across this site, it may amount to nothing more than noise and some old photos. But for someone who is like me, who is searching for that connection to people around them and to their past, I hope that anything I post here can help bridge your gaps the way other people have helped to bridge mine.

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